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Björn J:son Lindh - Musik (LP)

7.00 / On Sale

One of the best albums by jazz flute mastermind Lindh. As the album title suggests, Lindh has no genre boundaries here, just pure creative force. Hints of new wave, funk, reggae, ambient and kraut rock makes up the palette for an array of heavy rhythmic excursions. Like on many of Lindhs other albums, the sound production is a very distinct factor. This one has a spacious, epic and almost spiritual impact while the tracks themselves are tight, steadfast and somewhat minimalistic in nature. Might be a weird comparison, but it bears some resemblance to Joy Divisions "Closer" in that respect.

COVER: NM (First Sonet edition with textured print on matte cardboard)

(Pic & sound clip from previously sold NM/EX copy)