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D.K. / S.K. - DK / SK (LP)


A collaboration between Suzanne Kraft aka Los Angeleno Diego Herrera and the Antinote/LIES affiliated D.K. aka Dang Khoa Chau for Jonny Nash's Melody As Truth imprint. The label has thus far acted as an outlet mainly for Herrera and Nash's work, both individually and in collaboration: such as on the label's last release: the Passive Aggressive LP. Lush ambient journeys incorporating pristine digital textures and the metallic glimmer of classic FM synthesis are what is on offer here, for the most part: lo-fidelity dreams that flicker with neon-lit aesthetics all captured in VHS/Betamax resolution. Think of the perfect blend between Herrera's What You Get For Being Young LP in 2016 and the downbeat moments on Chau's Island Of Dreams LP for Antinote of the same year and you have a pretty good idea of how it sounds.