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Denis Mpunga & Paul K - Criola Remixed (12")


Following their reissue of Denis Mpunga and Paul K's impossible-to-find mid-'80s cassette album "Criola" - an unusual but rather fine combination of post-punk and traditional Congolese music - MFM were privy to some rather short track recordings. Their instinct was to invite some of their favourite producers lend their hands to completing these tracks into more DJ-friendly versions.
Swiss producer Androo makes a romantic dub of "Funyaka". Dutch rising star Dazion delivers a wonderfully cosmic revision of "Intermezzo B" full of fluttering new age synth lines and drum machine polyrhythms. Tolouse Low Trax turns "Veronika" into a woozy and dreamy chunk of dub-flecked, loved-up downtempo bliss. Late night dancefloor thrills are provided by Interstellar Funk's intergalactic tribal techno take on "Intermezzo 2" and Prins Emanuel's tactile take on "KWEI!", which sits somewhere between dub disco, boogie and proto-house.