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Johan Hedrén & Ola Freijd - Kretslopp (Cycle) (LP)


Originally performed as a musical accompaniment to an exhibition by painter Ola Freijd in 1986, Hedrén later recorded these versions for this 1988 release. Using manipulated field recordings from nature and adding layers of ambient synthesizers on top, these gritty recordings holds some of the most amazing electronic music ever made in Sweden. Released by the small Linköping-based independent label Bauta Records, who still puts out home-brewed experimental music with a neo-prog touch by a small circle of friends. The record was issued with four inserted 12" prints by Freijd of his symbolic-mystical graphic paintings, seemingly inspired by both Matisse and the Rorschach test. He is also credited for the sleeve design printed in gold on textured matte cardboard.

NOTE: Unplayed deadstock copies. Slight warp. Comes with all 4 inserts.