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The Spoken Word In Music: An Essay by Simon Eliasson (zine)


Wildlife Records presents a "private print" essay under the flag of Wildlife Press. If you've been reading these product description blurbs about the records we sell, then you're already acquainted with our in-house copywriter Simon. Apart from Wildlife Records, he also writes press releases for local labels Fasaan, Fri Form, and Music For Dreams - and used to run the Disko-Akademin blog back in the day when blogs were a thing.

Here he let's his obsession with spoken word records come to full fruition and maps out different ways of approaching this elusive genre using specific tracks by the likes of Charles Amirkhanian, Laurie Anderson, Tolouse Low Trax and Rod McKuen. With these case studies as stepping stones, Eliasson delivers both in-depth analysis and side trails about the idea of spoken word in the context of music.

22 Pages, printed & stapled by Wildlife Press.